My name is Baiba Dzilna.

Your personal Web designer.


Do you have a ready vision for your website? Perhaps you already have a website that needs updating, or you´re starting from scratch?

Regardless what your situation is, I will help you create it!

My passion is design. Every website I make gets its own space, expression and feeling.


I also provide additional services aimed at optimizing and growing your website!

You can see my work below.

Do you need a modern webpage quick?

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Baiba Dzilna

Web developer & designer


My services


What fundamental needs does your website have?

Are specific functions, menus or applications needed? Do you have a domain and logo?


In this phase we sketch up the fundamentals for your website.

design& materials

After compiling your available materials (pictures, colors, shapes, texts), different design alternatives and overall feelings are examined.


A development time plan is decided based on the project´s complexity, size and available materials.


In this step we redirect existing domains to the new site, identify customer segments, campaigns and goals to define the company´s online image.


Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is included.





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